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Getting started

This page will explain how to install the app and get started with themes.

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What do you need to run this app?

To keep this app from eating up system resources, a few technologies are used that have specific requirements.

  • A 64-bit CPU that supports AVX2 and SSE instructions.
  • A GPU that supports OpenGL 3.3.
  • Around 300 Mb of free RAM.
  • Around 100 Mb of free storage.
  • An Internet connection.
  • Access to an administrative account for installation.

Apart from that, you will need one of the coolers we currently support.

  • Corsair's iCUE ELITE CPU Cooler LCD Display Upgrade Kit
  • Corsair's iCUE H1XXi ELITE LCD XT Liquid CPU Cooler
  • Same as above, but non-XT
  • Thermaltake's TOUGHLIQUID Ultra 360

If your cooler isn't on the list and you'd like it to be supported, check out the page on adding support for coolers.


Download the app from GitHub and follow the installer throught the process. Once you're done, you'll be greeted by a window that looks like this.

You might also notice that the app has instantly connected to your CPU cooler and displayed my cat Zefir on it. You're now ready to explore the Theme Store and use your cooler to its full potential.

If your cooler isn't working with the app, refer to the troubleshooting steps.

To have the app start together with your machine, go to the settings tab and turn on the appropriate switch.